Seller Showcase

Seller's Showcase

Do you or someone you know sell Hand-Made Items or offer a resource for the Artsy Craftsy Gal who makes handmade? It can be Ebay, Etsy, Ecrater, Pinterest, or the Corner Flea Market. If you sell your Handmade items or offer resources for this craft, we want to know about it and showcase your merchandise. My best purchases are usually the ones that have been lovingly "Hand Made!"

The only information we need is: What you sell, and where (link included!) If you'd like to include a small "selfie," that would be great too. I'll go first!

Sew 1 Pretty on Etsy

My name is Sandy and I've been selling online for 13+ years. My favorite venue is Etsy.

I make handmade Pillow Covers in multiple sizes and Decorated Hand Towels. Hope you visit me sometime! Sew 1 Pretty on Etsy

This is a commodity every Seller Needs and especially the person who makes handmade items!
Nice packaging provides a professional "look" for hand-made items. And you can't get any nicer than clear, resealable Cello Bags! Available in numerous sizes for your convenience right on Etsy!

Clear Cello Bags

More than 1600+ sold with 5 STAR Ratings!
If you need Cello Bags for your Product, they have the right size!

This beautiful cowl collar is from "lovetoknithats " on Etsy

You can tell from her store name, she loves knitting hats as well as this gorgeous cowl collar. She's our Showcase Seller for July
Check out this store the next time you visit Etsy


This lady is a star! She's helped so many folks caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia
During the later stages of this disease, the folks with dementia are unable to keep their hands busy so their fingers may twitch constantly. To stop this, Nancy creates "Fidget Quilts!"
Not only quilts, but Nancy has created Fidget tote bags, purses, aprons, quilts and a few other items. View Nancy's shop at:


This is our Star Seller for November! Create or Buy Sock Monkeys for all those 
young children to keep this tradition at the Holidays Alive!

Sweet Sock Monkeys for the holidays or any time of year. Check out this sweet 
Etsy Seller's Variety of  Sock Monkeys


We're waiting for your Store Message here............

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