Stunning Crochet Peacock Afghan

Stunning Crochet Peacock Afghan

Peacock Afghan

As most of you know, I create decorative hand towels on Ebay, Etsy, and Ecrater. Most days customers keep me busy cutting and sewing fabric.

During the summer months it slows down a little and then I have time for other things. (Like my favorite hobby: Crochet)

I love to crochet. I especially love to crochet in the winter when it's cold and the heavy yarn of an afghan in progress is warm on my legs. Problem is-- Winter is my absolute busiest season of the year for decorated  towels.

In the winter Folks are busy with holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas-- and searching for my decorated towels as gifts for a friend or relative.

So unfortunately, I don't start looking for pretty yarn and new patterns to crochet till early spring. Like now.

Then I love searching for easy crochet afghan patterns. While my customers are busy with kids finishing up school and anxious for their summer vacation, I'm gathering yarn and patterns for a respite for myself.

Don't get me wrong. I appreciate business and can't wait for the fall season to arrive. But I love spring and summer too because I love to crochet. I love searching for free crochet patterns for afghans that I haven't seen or crocheted before. And there are many. Good for the soul, I think. 

While I was searching for new afghan patterns on Pinterest I came across the prettiest afghan I've seen in a long time. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be my next project-- to make and to share with you.

If you crochet, I think you will love this pattern too. You can see it on Annie's Book above. This pattern is sort of like a  Granny Square but it is round. So I've named them Granny Rounds.  If you create your "rounds" in these colors, it will look like a Peacock when sewn together.
Of course, you can use any color yarn you like and have a stunning afghan. I think I'm going to try the Peacock Colors.

This You Tube Video  explains how to make the Granny Rounds (squares.) But does not tell how to join them together. I will be using a standard method I use for Granny Squares, perhaps adding a few more stitches than usual. But the Book from Annie's also has the entire pattern.

Below is the Video for this gorgeous pattern! 

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