Mom, Swedish Tea Ring and the Betty Crocker Cookbook.

Cake Decorating for the Holidays

Since my Mom was a cook/dietitian of many years, the Red Betty Crocker Cookbook was the bible around our house. When Holidays came within a week or two, Mom was dragging her fanciest pans from the bottom cabinet.

My favorite food during the holidays was Cake. Yep, uh huh, that pretty much just gave-away my entire personality. I was never over-weight as a child, but those pounds crept up on me many years later as middle-age and COPD came callin. But I could sure eat some cake! Then...and now.

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Actually, Mom could make every dessert found in that Betty Crocker cookbook. If it was in that book Mom had made it and I had ate it.

I don't know about all the dinner meals or fruit and vegetable side dishes, but I ate every sweet recipe in that book at some time or other.

Mom loved the Swedish Tea ring. Like me, she loved making it and she loved eating it. Since I don't have a photo of Mom's Swedish Tea Ring, this one is the most similar to Mom's. If you look in that Red Betty Crocker Cookbook, you'll see that I'm right.

If I recall correctly, Mom garnished the top with chopped pecans. I can almost taste it now. ***

If you're getting ready for the Holidays-- Get your best Cookware ready now!
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