How to make Heat Resistant Oven Mitts and Pot Holders - DIY

How to Make Heat-Resistant Oven Mitts and Pot Holders?

Sandy's "Sew 1 Pretty"

For many years I made my own pot holders. Then I got busy making Pillow Shams and Custom Hand Towels for Ebay and Etsy and no longer had time to make my own Oven mitts and Pot Holders.

I really miss the "personal touch" that is always included when you make your own. Even when it means making something as simple as a Heat Resistant Oven mitt or Pot holder

When we learned to make our own bias tape, we discussed how hand-made items often out-last "Store bought" items. So I've been looking for a really easy pattern to get you started with making your very own Heat-Resistant Oven Mitts and Pot Holders.

In the past, I have had issues quilting the finished Oven Mitts and Pot Holders. Now, I can see that my problem was mostly due to the fact that I quilted mine as the final step with both sides already sewn together, The fabric is quite bulky when fully completed.

Then last week I happened upon this super easy pattern for making your very own Heat Resistant Pot Holders that includes a very easy way to include the quilting before the product is finished. Much easier than the way I had done it previously.

This pattern doesn't use our pre-made bias tape, but if you're like me-- the more patterns and alternatives, the better. 

What I really like about these instructions for the Heat Resistant Oven mitts and Pot Holders is that important instructions about Insul Bright are included as well (The Heat Resistant Material.)  

How to Make Heat Resistant Pot Holders

Insul Bright is especially coated to create Heat Resistance padding. This allows home-sewers to create our very own Hot pads, Pot Holders, Casserole Paws, Heat Pads, Ironing Board Covers and numerous other things that need a heat-resistant quality.

A few other things you might need!

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