How to make your own Bias Tape and Seam binding

Bias Tape and Seam Binding 


I was throwing away a few pot holders that were burned, stained and simply too thin to protect my fingers anymore.

As I separated potholders into piles, I noticed many more hand-made potholders to save for another day. More store-bought potholders tossed in the trash. I also noticed "hand made" outlasted "store-bought" by many years.

Deciding to make a few new potholders, I determined to search Ebay and  Etsy for inspiration. Nothing quite like a pretty, hand made pot-holder.

It's nostalgic to be searching for potholder ideas from Ebay. I began my career on Ebay with custom made potholders. I'm not kidding. I had a Power Seller Store full of potholders

Back then, I created felt Apples, Pears. Tomatoes along with barnyard animals and appliqued them all onto solid color pot holders. Today, 15 years later-- I want a cute potholder that I can make in a few minutes for my very own kitchen. It no longer has to be a potholder stack of 50 to ship in the morning! 

The prettiest potholders I've found are simple gingham and checks with a Bias Tape border in a coordinate fabric. Country Style, I think they call it today.

I like the idea but do not want to purchase a bucket full of bias tape. Figuring in my head: I have a 10' x 20' sewing room overflowing with designer fabric. Surely I can make my own Bias Tape. When it comes to sewing, there is a tutorial for everything. There must be a tutorial for Bias Tape Making-- I'm thinking... 

Bias Tape Maker
I hit Amazon first and type-- "Bias Tape Maker."
I was sort of being facetious thinking it could not be that easy. Then I  jumped in my chair when it actually pulled something up.

I am definitely "out of the loop" about regular sewing. I've been making Pillow Shams and Decorated Towels for way too long,  A Bias Tape maker is on my screen and I'm quite surprised at the size, and simple price.

A "Bias Tape Maker" that looks like toenail clippers? but a bias tape make all the same. Now-- How do I use it? 

Easy, search You Tube....

Did I tell you, I hate reading instructions. Yes, even when I print and tape them to the computer monitor. I hate reading instructions. Just tell me how to do it and I'll do it. Don't make me read it!......Maybe it's my age.

Searching You Tube there are a couple of interesting tutorials. Are you like me, I always choose the one with the most hits or followers. Kinda funny isn't it, if everyone is following the same guy/gal with the most hits we may all be missing the very best tutorial.

Nah, I'm going for the most hits and this one looks like a good one. Pretty simple after all. I might have taught myself from the instructions on the package after a week or two of grumbling. Don't you love You Tube?

How to Make your Bias Tape

This is an excellent Video. I looked at several and this one makes many points better than others.

1.  Be sure to keep your fabric even as it slides through the  "Bias Maker."  You don't want your fabric going sideways, crimping or curling because you're pulling it through too quicly. I think it's one of those things that requires a little practice. The more you use this little charm, the better and easier it will become.

2. Another thing that wasn't discussed in this video is that the fabric must be cut and sewn on the bias to give the proper look for the bias tape. The next video gives more detail about cutting your fabric to create the Bias Tape.

I did notice a statement displayed that a strip of Bias Tape measuring 200" can be made from 1/4 yard of fabric. Those measurements will be important for every project with bias tape. You will know exactly how much fabric is required for your project; quilt, pot holders, blankets, or whatever you intend to trim.

This video is done with a Janome Sewing Machine and  special foot binder foot is also available at Amazon for many other brands; Singer, brother, . I'm quite certain

How to Sew With Your Bias Tape

Janome Sewing Machine using  Bias Binder

This would be the same instructions for Quilt, Pot Holder, Child's Blanket, or Purse-- Any time you use your own Bias Tape Binding.

Bias Tape Binder Foot for Multiple Sewing Machines



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