Hand-made Tote Bag any Mother would Love - DIY for Mother's Day

Mother's Day Without Mom

My Mom passed away with Alzheimer's in 2008 shortly before Mother's Day. So every year when Mother's Day rolls around, I am reminded of my mother.

Actually, I think of my Mother all year long but it seems like Mother's Day is a more profound reminder of those last few years when she had lost memory of all that Motherhood meant for her.

When I was a child, Mother's Day was a joyous and fun occasion during elementary school years. As classmates we planned and schemed to make the perfect gifts for our mothers: a glass paper-weight with a smiling face peeking through, plaster pushed into an oval shape and painted red with my hand-print pressed into the center.

If my mother was here today, I would be searching for the perfect gift to make for her this Mother's Day. Besides the customary box of chocolates and bouquet of roses, I always tried to include one handmade item as a memory of those younger days.

When I saw this Video, I fell in love with this Tote Bag. Besides easy to make, it would also be easy to customize and create the perfect gift.

Mom was an avid reader during the days before the Kindle, tablet or cell phone. And  Mom carried an overstuffed bag whether it be a leather purse or a canvas tote. Mom was always ready for every doctor's appointment or quick shopping trip-- her bag was packed.

Mom would buy an ordinary tote bag and create a work of art. She would give it "class," she said. Which meant any bag would be decorated with a bow, a bold ribbon, or one large Dahlia pinned near the handle. She could add pizzazz to a tote bag.

That's what I like most about this sweet pattern. Besides easy-to-sew with simple instructions, It can be made as plain or fancy as you like. I'm thinking a soft gingham on top, with bold polka dots on the bottom half and a lacy trim across the middle.

Oops! Did I say that I'm a lot like my Mother? And this pattern is for you! You can design or re-arrange the fabrics as you like! Have some fun! Surprise your mother! Better yet! Make a couple tote bags!

If you would rather buy your Mom a tote bag so that she can add her own garnishments! Here are a few you might like. 

If your Mom isn't the Tote Bag Type of Lady, she might prefer one of these!

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