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30 Percent Off Accuquilt Overstock Go! Train and other Quilt Dies!

 My Grandmother did not have the luxury of quilt dies or fabric cutters as she stitched quilts so her children were warm and snuggly as they slept on cold winter nights.
Go! Train

Back then, Granny created warm and snuggly quilts with scraps cut from flour sacks. Only the stunning quilts for all the grandchildren in her family were sewn from store bought fabric. 

And, since Granny had 8 children it was quite the undertaking to create quilts for 30+ grandchildren. If you're a quilter, you'll love these quilt dies, quilting is still as much fun and as rewarding as it was for our Grannies every where. 

If you're a Grandma or Nana now, you'll really love these quilt dies and the GO! Quilt Die Cutter.

Quilt Dies for children's quilts are the sweetest! and easiest way to create a quilt for that special child in your life.

This sale ends on February 28th, so check them out today!

The GO! Cutter makes quilting easy. And these are some of the sweetest dies for children's quilts ever. Florals, Trains, patterns for Girls and Boys alike! 

Keep Reading to see the Video of this sweet Fabric Cutter-- GO!

30 Percent Off Accuquilt Overstock - Sweet Dies for Children's Quilts!

The Go Train quilt die is just one of many for young children and you'll love them all. If you're Grandma and creating that heirloom for your grandchild, visit Accuquilt!
for this selection of quilt dies

There are Florals and Girly things along with Puppies, Kitty Cats and Butterflies. See them now while the BIG 30% OFF Sale continues to the End of the Month.

30 Percent Off Accuquilt Overstock!
30 Items all 30% Off - Don't miss this sale!


30 Percent Off Accuquilt Overstock!

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