Etsy Adds A New Category Structure- Don't forget to Revise your Listings!

Etsy Adds a New Category Structure

Etsy recently changed their Category Structure. I know a few sellers are standing to Boo!

Yea! Thank You Etsy!!
I was pretty upset, myself. I had no time to re-do Etsy items right in the middle of tax season, But I dropped everything and headed to Etsy for a restructure of all my items.

I only have 200+ items, and  I realize many have listings numbering into the 1,000's and my sympathies go out to them.

My Pillows and Pillow Shams had already made a home in the correct category by default. No work there! Yea!!! Thank you Etsy!

That left me with 60+ Custom Decorated Hand Towels who were homeless and unseen till I found their proper niche in the new category structure.

* * * * Once I began the process, it wasn't nearly as difficult as I thought. I sell Pillow Shams, Pillows, and Custom Decorated Hand Towels. 

The Custom Decorated Hand Towels were a little more confusing. Which Category did they need; Bath -- Kitchen -- Home Decor --...or what? Actually, Decorated Towels could settle into any of those Categories, but Etsy insisted I make a choice.  All of those categories would be appropriate for my hand towels, but which would be THE BEST Category to create a Showcase where they would be "seen?"

A little trick I tried was to think of where my items would be found if I were shopping in Walmart. 

What Walmart Department would you search to find your items?

So I started with Home/Living, I certainly knew they were used in the Home. Then Kitchen and then Linen and then Hand Towels. Easy enough! Another Yea!!! Now, I only have 54 more to do.


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