Make a Fidget Quilt for Your Loved one

Make a Fidget Quilt for Your Loved One

Folks with Alzheimer's or Parkinsons and a few other medical conditions find themselves unable to quiet their fidgeting hands and fingers. I can remember several of my own elderly relatives who had the same issue during their later years. Their hands trembled and they could not stop the shaking.

Since the trembling can become so irritating to someone who has this problem, most family members search for anything that will allow their loved one some relief.
 A few toy makers have created numerous puzzles and games crafted specifically for these folks with trembling hands. 

About a year ago, I became aware of a lady's group who made the first suggestion that has suddenly become a brain storm. Fidget Quilts! Fidget Aprons! Fidget stuffed Toys! and the list goes on and on. 

Since I have a website about my own mother who had Alzheimer's for many years before she passed away in 2008. I've written several articles about Fidget Quilts. 

I try to repeat myself a couple times a year to find anyone who may need this information. If you have a relative or loved one who has only recently been diagnosed with Alzheimers, dementia, Parkinsons disease, or any other problem that causes their fingers to fidget endlessly, this information is for you.

If you're a seamstress and seeking something new to sale, I can tell you -- there is a demand for Fidget Quilts, and more especially if they are personalized for the person who will own it.

To check out the Wonderful Seller from Etsy who is helping to fill this need!

- Below are a few of the Fidget Toys available -  

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