Make your own Infinity Cowl Scarf

Make your own Infinity Cowl Scarf

If you're a regular reader, I bet you're thinking I should be reading my own posts. Right?

I've been complaining about my quest for an infinity cowl scarf for 3+ years.  One winter I was certain I'd get one crocheted. Nope, the flu and other wintery things zapped that plan.

Then my granddaughter made one with her finger-knitting technique. It was several feet long and beautifully knitted but she forgot how to complete the last row for a finished product.

Well, believe it or not! I finally made a pretty white one. And I'm going to show you how to make one too!--

While searching for a good pattern, I can't count how many videos I watched. They all had a complicated way of completing the last edge before  turning the scarf right-side out.

Frankly, I made a couple attempts before I reached that part of the pattern. It seemed unnecessary and confusing and made the entire process more difficult than it needed to be. Yet, I had no time to sit down and figure out a better way to do it.

Then browsing through more videos, I finally found this one. It's simple and easy and there are no extra, unnecessary steps.


You can adjust the size by changing the length or width. My fabric was very light-weight and stretchy knit so it was a little difficult to work with. 
Don't NEGLECT all that pinning! 
Without pinning the edges before sewing, the fabric tends to slip and slide.

A good light-weight Cotton would have been easier for my first try.

Have some fun with this one!

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