A Sewing Basket for Everything!

A Sewing Basket for Everything and Everything in its Place 

Thrifty Ways to Organize

After Thanksgiving Dinner, my daughter posed the same question that always comes right after Turkey dinner.

 "Mom...what do you want for Christmas?"

With my mouth open to respond, she interrupts with, "No!" Her hand raised like a stop sign.

"You can't have another Sewing Basket! Mom. I think you already own every one ever made anyway. There must be something you want as much as another sewing basket this year."

When you reach middle-age (okay, slightly older) there isn't much you want that you haven't already bought for yourself. Course, I'm still itching to have that Lincoln Town Car, but I'm not holding my breath that I'll be buying that any time soon. Besides, my grandson promised that would be his first purchase when he becomes a millionaire.

I like Sewing Baskets. They are pretty and handy and they hold much more than spools of thread. All the Sewing Baskets in my home bring a smile to my cheeks.

St.Jane Sewing Basket
Oh I love this one. And I don't have one like it.

I love Carnations and I love Red, Pink, White and Black.

It's too small for all my thread but I could sure fill it with my Red nail polish collection. Placed on my vanity. Lovely! Isn't it gorgeous!

I want  this sewing basket!


Prym Rectangle Sewing Basket
I need this sewing basket for my Snow White Hutch in the Kitchen. A sweet compartment for the utensils the younger grandchildren love to use, wash and return to their storage after every holiday!

It's the perfect color, the perfect size and it matches the crisp clean style of my kitchen.

I want this sewing basket.


Which Sewing Basket do you want? What would you do with it? I'd love to hear your ideas!

Sewing Baskets are wonderful little gifts to hold a number of things. If you didn't notice when you opened this post-- The Sewing Basket in the very first photo is actually a Fishing Tackle Box.
A crafty idea by Vicky Myers of vickymyerscreations.co.uk

St.Jane Sewing Basket - French Lettering
Oh my goodness, this sewing basket was created for the the Boudoir! Can't you see that sweet sewing basket on my dresser.

Earrings! All of my earrings would fit into that Boudoir Sewing Basket. Then it would look so pretty I could leave the lid open permanently.

I want this sewing basket!


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