Super Easy Video to Make your Very Own Sock Monkey for the Holidays

I've been an Ebay seller for 13 years, Ecrater seller for 10, and Etsy seller for 5 years. In all that time of selling on-line and receiving requests for custom orders, the most often requested item is the Sock Monkey. Now, why don't I make them for the folks, you may ask?

I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I have never made a Sock Monkey because I don't know how. Since I've been sewing for more than 5 decades most folks assume that I know how to make them. Nope! Never learned.

When my children were young they each received a large Sock Monkey as a gift from a relative. It was my first time to see one and I thought it was the cutest thing and vowed to learn to make them.

Well, Life got busy and other sewing projects monopolized my time until the lonely, little sock monkey was finally forgotten. 

Still, I've received those requests every year, and endure another year of wishing I knew how to make a Sock Monkey. I mean, how hard could it be?

For whatever reason, this year is my year to learn how to make the sock monkey. I found a simple pattern. I like to start with a simple pattern. Once you learn the basics of any pattern, then you can decorate or make changes in clothes, gender, looks, hair, etc.

This is a Sweet, Easy and Simple Video, and how do I know that?



Fox River Original Rockford Red Heel Cotton Monkey SockMore info
I think these would make sweet gifts for grandchildren and older folks who love holding dolls or just about anyone.
They could be a stocking-stuffer or very first snugly baby for a toddler.
A few things you'll need for this project are shown in the video and available at Amazon. Most with 2-day delivery and if you have Amazon Prime, shipping is Free.


And if you still want to buy a Sock Monkey

This Etsy Seller has a fine Variety Readi-made Sock Monkeys and oh my,
They are so Cute



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