Christmas Gifts Now and Then

Gift Giving Now...and Then

Have a great Holiday Season 2015

What I was thinking about this time last year, and it hasn't changed much this year..... so I'm refreshing an older post as I felt slightly sentimental today... 
Gift Giving Now... and Then ( posted on:November 14, 2014)

I can hardly believe it's so near to December. It doesn't seem that long ago when I had a houseful of children who's gift list included items under $50: Cars, Trains and Trucks for the boys. Blocks, Baby Dolls and Faux make-up for the girls. Monopoly of course, for the adults in the house.

I began shopping in mid-September and hid honking cars, buzzing bees, musical pianos and other noisy critters in the top of the linen closet. No matter how gently I scolded them while searching for clean sheets, some errant Jet Rocket would blast off with a boom or red Fire Truck scream to be set free on the road.

Monopoly - The Classic EditionMore info

We had many an all-nighter with our 4 children, 3 neighbor kids, 1 cousin and hubby making profound financial decisions about trading a Railroad, adding hotels, or squabbling about Boardwalk or Park Place. I admit, I always ended with Charleston and went out first. I think it was fatigue, though, not my prowess with money.
No wonder my children aced Math in school. They'd been wheeling and dealing and bargaining since 4 years old.

Monopoly and Toys were both the gifts of my day (without spilling my age) but my grandchildren are a totally different story. My youngest, an 11 year old Grandson, wants a better cellphone with a front camera and more Google apps.

What? He's 11 for Pete's sake. And the older kids, well here's what they want and I can see my wallet shrinking as I finish this post. Hey, I have Amazon Prime-- shipping is free.
Oh Great...


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