Halloween Party ideas!

Halloween Party Ideas from around the Internet!

Zazzle is Dazzling with just what you need for your holiday party!

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The young ones around my house are working on their Halloween Costumes.

Grandkids are giggly with all the mischief in the air.

I'm thinking about the party after they've finished "spooking" everyone they know.

A warm cup of hot chocolate, black stick of licorice, a sweet sugar cookie shaped like a pretty plump pumpkin.

Here are more ideas from some of our favorite haunts on the internet.

Halloween Ideas from HGTV
Our Favorite Shopping Network HGTV shares a way to create the perfect assortment of serving dishes that would suit any gobblins appetite.

Inexpensive and easy, group together a few of your discarded small dishes, lidded pots or fluted bowls.

I think we all have a box somewhere filled with tiny dishes and other trinkets that we seldom use but can't bear to throw away.

As you'll see from the instructions here: Voila! you have a holiday treat for the goblins.

And I have to say this is the cutest and spookiest Punch Bowl that I've seen.

But of course, simple as Pumpkin pie to make. 

Fill a plastic glove with water and freeze! Voila! A floating hand in a bowl full of Red punch, or substitute cherry jello for a jiggling bowl of goo with an icy hand floating inside.

Quick note: If you add this cute hand or vegetables of any kind to jello, be sure that you wait until it is slightly jelled. Otherwise, it sinks straight to the bottom. I've made a mess more than once when creating vegetable-jello salad. But---that's another post.

Have some fun in the next few weeks with all these ideas!
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