Easy Steps to Sewing with a Serger Sewing Machine

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Previously, I've mentioned my desire to learn how to use a Serger Sewing Machine.

Since I first started selling on Ebay, I intended to buy one but didn't have the time to learn how to use it.

Now, because of my health, more free time, and I'm not getting any younger. I've decided to take the plunge.

I know, I know, I've been intending to make that circular scarf for the last two years. But I really want to do this. And you might want to do it too, so we'll share the experience.

Searching for the best way to learn about operating and sewing with a Serger Sewing Machine, I chose You Tube. When I need instructions, I most often find You Tube Videos the best.

If you haven't used them before. Give it a try. I usully take notes as they speak. Then watch it a second time. What I missed the first time around sinks in, and questions I had the first time around are usually answered when I watch the Video the second time.

Notes! Are a must have. Then when you sit down at your machine to work on your own, it's a quick and easy way to reference what you learned.

Of course, you could probably prop your cellphone against a spool of thread and play the video again. (That's what my granddaughter would do.)

I'm old fashioned and prefer pen and paper. :)

Don't catch your breath when you see the instructor!
Yep he's a HE... But a great instructor and easy to understand 

Stay tuned when the Video ends for More Links to
Videos about Using a Serger Sewing Machine

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