Make an Easy Circle Skirt in Minutes- (Video)

This is such an easy way to make a Circle Skirt. I previously listed a pattern for a circle skirt and it's one of the all-time favorite posts on Sweet Sewing Patterns. Now, I think this pattern is even easier than the other one.

The Video is super easy to follow, but I did notice that I understood it better after the second viewing. (Did I just say "I'm slow?") I was trying to remember and write at the same time... I think, and that threw my concentration off. You know, the old saying about 'walking and chewing gum at the same time.' Okay, I'm done with that.

So with the main points noted on paper, I watched the video a second time and it is super Easy and Fun and creates a nice Circle Skirt.

A few tips from Sweet Sewing Patterns include:

  • Make notes on the first viewing then watch the video again
  • Use a stretchy / knit fabric for this pattern
  • When drawing your pattern to save, I suggest Pellon (non fusible)
  • Pellon makes for a durable pattern that will last through many uses
A sweet Circle Skirt with Stretchy Waist

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