How To Make Halloween Crafts from Pretzels (video)

I love Pretzels and, I love any snack that involves Pretzels. I mean, there isn't a salty snack around that's as delish as Chex-Mix! and talk about "sweet and salty!"

White Chocolate covered Pretzels, oh my, I use to take my kids to the mall when they were little so I could sit on a concrete bench and eat chocolate covered Pretzels.

Did I tell you, Sweet and Salty is my all time favorite... Uh oh, there for a minute I forgot the topic of this article.

We're making Halloween Decorations!
* * *
Watch this and learn to make a Wreath from a bag of Pretzels
I'm not kidding -- this is too sweet! for Halloween

A few things you might need for this project

Now I'm gonna go make Chex Mix!

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