I Think I'll Begin my Cowl Collar now, I Might Finish it by Fall


I'm sure some of you remember all my ranting from last year about those cowl collar scarves.

I wanted one of those so badly, but couldn't find one I liked and no time to sit down and crochet one.

Most of the pretty ones I'd seen were crafted from light-weight yarn.

So my granddaughter began one for me as a circular finger knit project. It was actually quite gorgeous, but when she reached the length I'd requested, we had a problem.
My granddaughter couldn't figure out how to bind off her new creation.

So it's July. And here I am again. I know exactly what I want but no time to knit, crochet or do the circular thing my granddaughter tried. Voila!

I'm gonna love this Video that shows exactly how to make the Cowl Collar Scarves. I hope you like it too!

The Infinity Scarf - Do It Yourself


Hey, its' only July -- don't ask to see my creation yet......

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