Are you trying to lose weight - Maybe it is more Psychological than you think
For years we've been told that to stay slim depends on rigorous exercise, avoiding fast food and eating smaller portions.

Along with that advice we've been told to reduce our plate size, which might have been foreseen since we've recently been allotted smaller food portion sizes for a balanced diet.
The palm of our hand for a helping of meat or protein. Fruit and vegetables the size of our fist, and a plate that is closer to 6 inches than 8, etc.

Seems to me that weight-loss is becoming more and more a psychological issue all the time. Rather than what you eat, it's what you think in your head.

Some Swiss Researchers tested this theory by offering a group of women candy. Sounds simple enough, doesn't it-- But, some candy was wrapped and some was not. And the unwrapped candy disappeared much more quickly than the wrapped candy.

Definitely a small obstacle to unwrap a piece of candy, but it worked.  The women ate 5.3 pieces of the unwrapped candy to only 3.6 pieces of the wrapped candy.

Scientist theorized that the simple effort of unwrapping the candy reduced the amount of candy eaten. So make that afternoon snack little more difficult to find, or open, or cook, or better yet--

Maybe we can just think ourselves thin. If it's psychological afterall, just pretend you've already devoured that entire chocolate cake waiting it's turn as after-dinner dessert.
Speaking of food.....
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It's true!
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Hope you try it soon!


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