Are you Searching for Ralph Lauren Retired Fabrics?

Ralph Lauren JardiniereThe Diplomat Collection
People often email to ask if I sell shams from Ralph Lauren's old patterns.

Actually, they are referring to "retired collections" from years ago.

Some of Ralph Lauren's and Tommy Hilfiger's most popular collections were released between 1995-2005.


Charlotte IV
I seldom receive these older fabrics
unless Ralph Lauren decides to do a re-release of an old one, (which he does occasionally with Aragon leopard for example) or recycles an old pattern into a brand new one. Which, isn't always an acceptable thing to do from his avid fans point of view.

Charlotte IV was an all-time favorite from Ralph Lauren back in the late 1990's. A gorgeous floral on a deep sage background. It was a hit from the start and is still a constant request from my buyers today.

Working with the popularity factor, I suppose, Ralph Lauren did a "remake." He took the gorgeous Charlotte floral pattern and and bound it to a light, mint green fabric. This new creation has not been well-accepted.

When the buyers asks for Charlotte, they want the old Charlotte not a new one with a different background. I've had more than one purchase of the new Charlotte promptly returned. It isn't what the buyer expected and they don't care for the new lighter shade.

The thinking is: If it isn't the same color, it isn't Charlotte-- no matter how often I pre-warn about the color change.
The New Charlotte Floral

If you love the old fabrics as much as I do, you may want to check out a few that I have listed at my Ebay Store.

Shams created from retired collections 1990-2005


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