Are you a Beginner with a brand new Sewing Machine?

Are you a Beginner?

Sweet-Sewing-Patterns is 5 years old.

If you haven't been with us for 5 years because you're new to sewing and crafting, come on in and join us. We talk about sewing and crafting and quilting and selling our completed items online.

I'm an online seller, myself, offering many of my handmade items at Etsy, Ebay, and my very own shop at SandySewsPretties.

I've received comments from several "beginning sewers," new crafters to Sweet-Sewing-Patterns, who have some basic questions about sewing and quilting and crafting.

If you've just begun sewing, or purchased your very first sewing machine but dread learning how to get it threaded, this  video is for you! 
It's helpful, concise and will share more than just threading your first sewing machine.

My daughter received a brand new Singer Sewing Machine for Christmas 6-8 years ago and I'm fairly certain it's still in the box. Sometimes there are just too many other things to keep us busy-- 
If you're new to crafting and sewing for whatever reason, I've added this video especially for you.

Even if this isn't the same model as your machine, remember that most machines work in a similar way. Your sewing machine should also have an instruction /care booklet included, with drawings for threading, bobbin insertion and oiling (if necessary.) Some newer machines don't require oiling at all.

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