A Brand New Category - Is it for you?

Join Our Seller Showcase

For several years, I tried to showcase a different Etsy Seller every month.

Then I became ill and posting became a challenge and adding new Sellers to a monthly showcase near impossible.

You can read more about my illness at my Personal Blog:
Life@ Gingham Country

I think Pinterest exploded while I was away, not to mention Facebook and Instagram which I have yet to join. (I know, I promise to do that soon.)

Most of all, I missed scrolling through Etsy and goggling all those wonderful goodies. (I know, Google will ditz me for a misspelling won't they) but I did goggle more than I googled while cruising Etsy.

So now I'm ready to start a new list of Wonderful, Crafty Sellers. I've created a Category for this showcase above-- in the Category List. I've also been cruising the shops for some sweet, sweet sellers and crafters.

But if you know someone you'd like to add, we only need a couple things.

A short bio that includes: What you make and where you sell and a link to your pretties. A small photo would put me on top of the moon! 
Thanks for any help! If you know someone who would like to be showcased, let them know this link to their site is available! Thanks a bunches! ~Sandy

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