Do you Reduce, Reuse, Recycle or Up Cycle?

Up-cycled Tires
The days of automatically tossing an unwanted shirt in the Goodwill Bin, or donating a dress that is just way too plain may be ending.

For years we've been admonished to recycle or reuse; saving cans, bottles and newspapers for the love of clean air and trees (or just cold hard cash.)

Now, Re-cycling is giving-way to Up-cycling instead. You don't just re-use an old thing but make it better or turn it into something entirely NEW.
I love the above Up-cycling for this set of worn out rubber created by Garden PuzzleSweet!

A quick search on Pinterest produced a myriad of garden tires similar to those above. Is this the future with Up-Cycling?

Lately I'm noticing more and more "Up-Cycling," and find myself searching for old-things to make brand new, myself.

Have you taken an "old item" and given it a new life as something totally different than the original; a new look, or new purpose?

Here's a few to check out for more ideas:

The little black dress turns to Lace - from Sew Daily

Birdcage Planter - from Upcycle That

Add Upcycle to a Pinterest  Search and be WOW'd with more ideas--

Have fun! I'm gonna drive around and look for old tires :)

Come back and let me know what you find-- or Make
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