If you are a Mother or still have a Mother...You are blessed! -- Happy Mother's Day!

I think I've mentioned my Mom on the blog previously, probably during our casual chats about knitting or crocheting.

Did I tell you when I was only 16, Mom not only taught me to sew but also showed me how to transform a regular sewing pattern to fit my long-lanky body that was already 5"9."

An amazing task in itself since Mom only stood 5'2" in stocking feet.

She also taught me the proper way to cut a circle skirt (or tablecloth) without a pattern and how to peel boiled eggs so the shell stayed in one piece.

Did I mention the time she forced my dad to scour every service station within 5 miles of our home in search of 4 old car tires?
Of course Dad was mortified lest someone see and believe him capable of cruising in his Brand new Chevy with worn out rubber.

At first, I wasn't quite certain why Mom wanted those old tires. But that's what she wanted and Dad brought them home. Then he turned them all inside-out, just as Mom requested though it took 2 days of hard sweat and labor and a multitude of words that had Mom covering her ears.

Then she painted them many colors, all by herself, though I did beg to help with that chore. She wanted them just right after all.

Photo from: http://avintagejunket.blogspot.com
Though these aren't Mom's pretty tires, hers were quite similar and held bright red Geraniums and the envy of many neighbors. I wonder now, where she got the idea? there was no Pinterest in those days.

Too late, I tried to ask Mom about those old tires but she'd forgotten everything as she suffered Alzheimer's memory loss for a decade before it took her life 6 years ago shortly after Mother's Day that year.

Now I delight when I see one of my children or grandchildren start a project, paint a picture, crochet an afghan, sew a dress, build a scrapbook! They are Arsty-Crafty all of them, and I know -- 
Memories of Mom will be alive forever! 

If you'd like to read more about my Mom, you can view my website about Mom and Alzheimer's and dementia and caregivers at:

Alzheimer's Support  A place to share and learn about those with Alzheimer's and their Caregivers.

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