Save Money! How to Make Your Very Own Microwave Potato Bag

Microwave Potato Bag
I love Yams! I love them with honey and brown sugar melted to a glaze topped with crunchy browned marshmallows. I love them straight out of the can, salted cold yams with nothing but a fork. Yummy.

I know. I think I have some kind of potato impairment, but I do love some yams.

Really, I'm fortunate.

Hubby hates yams. So while the holidays are here I'm in heaven; hot yams oozing homemade syrups of all design-- with or without a browned marshmallow crust and I don't have to share a single bite.

Except this year.

This year I'm on a diet. I can eat all the yams I want but none of the sweet mushy, crunchy, sweet kind. Baking a yam for hours alone, without garnishment, seems unethical. I intended to be content eating cold from a can and then--

 I saw this infomercial. --- MICROWAVE POTATOES IN A BAG!

Wait! Isn't a Yam a potato?

So off I go on a mad hunt for a Microwave Potato Bag. Problem is; they haven't hit the "As seen on TV" aisles of our local Walmart yet-- and you know what that means. The Online Store is selling them at Triple Shipping + Service Fee + gimme more + gimme more + gimme more.
 I don't think so.

I'm handy with a needle and thread, so I Google...
 "What is needed to make a Microwave Potato Bag..." 

Of course I don't expect the "top secret ingredient" that creates steamy hot and soft in 4 minutes-- I just want a regular baked potato!

Surely there's a pattern somewhere to make my own. I already purchased 3 fat yams on my mad search for a Microwave Potato Bag. Now, my hunger for that yam is gnawing away.

Then I found it! One potato bag, two potato bags... this blog not only has materials needed but there's a pattern too! and no reference at all to that secret ingredient.  Nanny's Crafting Blog.

"Nanny's Blog" offers the easiest pattern I've found to make your very own Microwave Potato Bag. Plus you avoid the hype on the internet, the wait from the post office, the bidding wars on Ebay.

If you can sew a straight line you can make your very own Potato Bag in minutes!

If you don't sew *** Etsy offers Potato Bags created by multiple sellers just for you!  MICROWAVE POTATO BAGS ON ETSY

I'm outta here ***  I've got three fat yams with my name on them! 
Happy Eating!


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