Ebay Made Me do it-- Selling Shams on Facebook

Ralph Lauren Fabric
I remember back 8-10 years ago, Ebay complained about the size of our photos.

"We were hogging all their bandwidth," they said as they  demanded smaller photos or they would end our listings.

There were weeks and weeks of a mad rush
to make every photo as tiny as we could get it.

Actually, it may have been a good thing because that encouraged me to try self-hosting my own photos which meant buying a Domain name and yearly Webhost. Today, that is the optimum way to blog.

I knew a few sellers who used icons, rather than photos to be sure they'd never be removed from Ebay for being too small.

Now I'm hearing the rumblings and received a couple updates that photo sizes are increasing for sellers on Ebay and it's Mandatory. 

What? Didn't they just reduce the size? Okay, so it's been ten years-

I still assumed that I wouldn't be affected because I'd begun using 400x400 photos quite awhile ago.

Wrong! I just received my first notice: 4 items ended, photo size not large enough. 300 Photos to re-size in 4 days.

Something churned in my stomach when I got that message. And suddenly, I realized it might be time to look for some place else to sell that isn't quite so hard to please--

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