Adorable Patterns for Infant and Toddler Booties, Toys, Beanies and more

Cool Baby Bootie Patterns
More years ago than I care to remember, I crocheted my newborn babies a set of fresh booties to come home from the hospital.

I'm talking pink/blue booties that looked a bootie.

These booties, the patterns available from: Meinuxing's Store on Etsy look like goldfish or bumble bees or ladybugs, etc.

They are the sweetest little booties that I've seen in a long time. Her patterns are available now at the Etsy Store, Meinuxing's Etsy Store.

This sellers feedback is excellent; every customer happy and commenting on "the ease of use," "explicit instructions and sheer pleasure at finding and making" these sweet little patterns. 

This Etsy store offers a variety of patterns for booties, beanies, baby toys, and other accessories.

June is the month for weddings, so start thinking about all those sweet baby booties you need to make and check out her Etsy Store! It's a super fun experience!


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