Selling our Crafty Creations - Or...where's the Green?

Online Selling
Over the years I've posted pretty, cute, stunning, colorful and just plain adorable crafty creations from online sellers.

Lately, I've seen more and more crafty sellers offering their wares on Facebook and other
unconventional Store sites. Out of sheer curiosity, I'm running a poll. Where do you sell your crafty creations?

I began on Ebay 12 years ago and never really wanted to move to any other site. I had enough sales to keep me busy and made enough money to keep me happy. Then the economy crashed a couple years ago!

And for me, Ebay hasn't been the same since. I can no longer list more than one of the same item, previously I sold many multiples in multiple listings. Even with the $50 monthly Store, I can no longer afford auctions unless they're free. And, if you sell on Ebay, you know that's a rarity. Well, several things have upset Ebay's Selling Cart for me.

1. Higher Final Value Fees than ever before
2. No duplicate listings
3. Final Value Fees on Postage.. though (I purchase, print and ship through Endicia for another fee)
4. Free listings few and far between 

I know many have gone to Amazon, but as far as I know Amazon doesn't allow hand-made items. Even Pinterest offered a Shop but I never sold a thing. I'm not quite sure what happened to that idea.

Let's Talk Selling! Where do you Sell your Crafts
Why do you like that Venue?

Post a comment or fill-in the Poll Below
Hope to hear from you :)

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