Hearts and Flowers and Candy... oh My! The Festival of Valentine is soon to arrive

Bouquets and Baubles
 Is February 14th a Crafty Day for you? 

In less than two weeks we'll be celebrating the Festival of Valentine, the second most celebrated holiday after New Year's Day.

A crafty holiday, for sure!
I've been cruising a few of our favorite spots (Etsy, Google, Pinterest) for the latest Valentine fare.

The gorgeous rose-bud wreath above is one of several sweet wreaths crafted by Bouquets and Baubles at Etsy.

Adventures in Baking

I love the Baubles and Bangles and Heart shaped Sweets during this romantic spring holiday.

Red and Green make Christmas complete as Valentine's Day is painted Red and Pink.

A recipe for a delectable treat from Adventures in Baking. --> Sweet Heart Shaped Cookies with creamy centers.

Don't forget our Delicious Marshmallow Puffs from a Previous Post.
Marshmallow Puffs


Even Amazon is in the mood for those stay-at-home shoppers. Browse the treats at your leisure, ship for free and receive front door delivery of fine products from famous manufacturers.

Heart Shaped Cookies

Or Make your very own Sweet Treat with this set of 100 Cookie Cutters from Wilton,  including many heart-shaped cutters.


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