Sweet and Unique Socks from Catherine Cole Studio

Catherine Cole Studio
As most of you know, I'm always searching for new and interesting handmade items.

As you also know, my all time favorite unique item is the Cowl Neck Scarf. No, I still haven't made one but I have about 50 photos of the ones I like.

By the time I get around to actually making one, it will probably be too hot in the desert to wear it.  I do love me some Cowl Collars.

Now, back to today's find! Aren't these the sweetest socks you've ever seen. Crafted by Catherine Cole Studios on Etsy, a super unique item! Catherine crafts them in various colors, lengths and patterns.

And making pretty winter socks isn't Catherine's only talent.  She has leg warmers of different lengths and patterns as well, and a few special editions just for summer wear.

Sweet goodies for winter and summer! Check out Catherine Cole Studios on Etsy.

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