From Memory or a Tutorial - Which do you prefer when crafting?

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When I start a new crafting project, I usually work from memory. It isn't always intentional, I just don't think about directions till I get stuck then I start searching for the actual pattern.
Sort of like hubby on a road trip. If you get lost, never stop and ask for directions-- just keep driving around in circles until you're dizzy.
Desperation will bring me back everytime, to my senses and my stash of crafting books or sewing patterns buried deep in my sewing room.

Today, I found the sweetest Website-- Craftori . I may never go in search of that lost pattern again!


What is Craftori?

Craftori is a photo gallery site for arts, crafts and vintage.  Whether you wish to inspire others or sell your own hand-crafted items, this is the place for you.

Craftori is VARIETY -- All kinds of hand crafted items from sellers and crafters alike. What I like most about Craftori is their "category" TUTORIALS. If the lister has a pattern or directions displayed on their own site--a link to the directions is available at Craftori.

This sweet Quilted Table Runner is on display at Craftori along with a link to the Tutorial for it's making. Pretty!

Trixie's Blog

  Check out Craftori and you may find that long, lost pattern you've been looking for. Be sure to come back and let us know how you like this new site...  

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