Ebay, Etsy, Holiday Sales, Free Auctions and other Gripes

The new Ebay-- 

I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season with lots of sales from their crafty wares!

So far, business has been fairly good for me on Ebay considering I have no auctions listed. I've been with Ebay for 11+ years. The first half dozen  were full of sales and fun and lots of learning. The last few years have a been a struggle.

The tide has turned on Ebay. I can no longer afford auction listings. And to post 200+ "fixed Price" listings requires a $49.95 store!

Remember the days of being a Power Seller because you sold $2,000 per month with 99% feedback? Now-- everyone is a power seller...wait-- Top Rated Seller.

Lots of meaningless gifts, coupons, deals and shipping bargains have replaced Free Auctions that actually put money in our pocketbooks.

So this holiday season Etsy has become my favorite shopping/selling venue. With the new payment acceptance method, I think I'm in love. I like getting a statement that multiple transactions have been deposited into my bank!

A little late, I think, Pinterest entered the sales format. My Pinterest Shop  is open for business but no sales so far.

I think they were a little late on this offering-- they needed a longer head-start on the holidays. We didn't have much time to get up and running with a brand new store from Pinterest.

But they didn't ask me..........Just saying--

How have sales been for you this Holiday Season?
Share your opinions!

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