Has Facebook Reunited any old friends for you?

The good thing about Facebook is that it was so easy to reconnect with some people I hadn't seen in, oh... 45 years or so. I mean these friends are actually more like family than friends. Though we wouldn't know each other if we met on the street, I still remember their "voices."

We chit-chat and act as silly now as we did in kindergarten with the years since high school hidden behind sweet screen names and young profile photos. Suddenly we're children again, reminiscing about sidewalk chalk, school yard jacks, and our favorite cafeteria food.

Of all I like about Facebook, I love this best. Our graduating class of 1965 reunited! Most are retired from employment but not retired from life.

I've been delighted to learn how much we all have in common now that there's more time to play and enjoy all the things we'd rather do-- like crafting. Stay tuned for an update on a few of the crafters from my high school class--

How 'bout you? Have you been reunited with anyone special through Facebook? We'd love to hear your story!
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