A substitute for the nifty frozen corn bag?

For decades-- if you had an owie around our house you were told to grab the corn!

From sports injuries to bumps, bangs and bruises, all were soothed with a bag of frozen corn from the deep-freeze.

With four kids under-foot I was hard-pressed to keep a "store-bought" ice bag without a hole and leaking for more than a week. I bought more of those than I can count.

So finally-- a bag of frozen corn became the quickest means to heal the wounded finger, scraped knee or aching elbow. I never gave a thought about making my own bags, though.

Well--there were 4 kids--I didn't give thought to a lot of things in those days.

Though all of my children are grown now, I was tickled to find this blog:
Written by a creative Mom, she's crafted a substitute for that frozen bag of corn and many other handy things too!

These pretty little squares dressed in their polka-dots and gingham go a step further than the bag of corn!

I hope you Check them out at! "a Bee in a Bonnet"

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