Making Cards and Gifts for a Valentine Sweetheart

Martha Stewart Sweet Boxes
Cards and Gifts for Valentine's Day mean more when they're hand-crafted or home-made. At least, that's always been true for me.

I have boxes filled with all those construction paper "love" cards created by loving little fingers of my children and grandchildren.

The thought behind the card/gift means everything on Valentine's Day. 

Those construction paper cards crafted at the behest of an industrious school teacher are still filled with Sweet Memories no matter how many years have passed.

If you happen to be a scrapbooker, I'm jealous. This time of year is when I really wish I could take blings and hearts and stickers and candy and create some long-term memories.

Valentine Bling

If you're looking for the perfect card or gift created by someone else, which incidentally, is still hand-made with love and care, I'm certain--

Have a super fun and loving Valentine with your Favorite Sweetheart!  Whether they be 4 or 40!


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