A Unique Apron that Mr. Clean is sure to Love

Dish Liquid Bottle Apron
Featured Item for November!

I think you know by now that I have a passion for Aprons. I've featured several other crafters who make Aprons.

I like Aprons in gingham, polka dots, plaid and solid.

Generally, I like Aprons for Mom's and daughters, or Nana's and granddaughters.

But I'm breaking my own rule with this featured item. Now, I have  a growing fondness for Bottle Aprons! Yep, bottle Aprons.

This Ebay Seller makes Aprons for Detergent Bottles, that means Dawn, Joy, all those lovely bubbly bottles will have a bib that fits them just right. And they are the cutest things I've seen.
Chic Cabbage Roses

"Love Vanilla Rose" makes these sweet bottle Aprons in a variety of colors and patterns with a price that is just right on Ebay or Etsy.

The ladies on my holiday shopping list are sure to get a couple of these!

Shhhh.... don't tell, but this seller also has many other unique items besides our Monthly Featured Item for November -- The bottle Aprons.

 To name just a few of her sweet unique items; painted pine cones, chic pot holders, and bathroom pretties! Check all her items at--

"Love Vanilla Rose"   Ebay store! 

"Love Vanilla Rose" Etsy

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