My Favorite Thing for October has to be Neck Warmers

I have to say--my favorite thing for October has to be the neck warmer. Not just because they're beautiful and unique but because I'm so darn glad to finally have a reason to wear one. Well, maybe a light one.

This Summer in the Desert seemed hotter than most and left me hungry for cold air with a bite and brown leaves that go crunch when tread upon.

So I'm shopping for Neck Warmers and thought you might want to see a few too.

This sweet Neck Warmer comes from Lena's Boutique at Etsy!
A pretty topper for a thin sweater or turtle-neck

This one is stunning from Karen Maree Knits
A giant Cowl Collar - versatile in so many ways!

Karen Maree Knits also offers this simple scarf in white fun fur... yummy! To go with anything--

This is the Chunky Cowl Scarf. From Laima Shop
I think it's darling but I know I'll never see that much snow or cold weather here in the Desert Southwest.

Oh well...I can always window shop and wish 

Hope you have a nice winter and are able to wear many sweet Neck Warmers!

What weather change do you wish for in your "neck of the woods?"
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