I'm not the House-Wifey type - but I love Pretty Aprons

It's sort of odd. I've never been the "house-wifey" type. I'd rather open a box of "HomeStyle Bakes" than throw a Roast in a Crock Pot.

My mother, on the other hand, was the designated cooker for the entire family-- both hers and dads. Every holiday found Mom, strapped in an apron, stirring pots on the stove while everyone else gathered round to share the latest antics of the family black-sheep
The odd part is: I began my ten year history of selling on Ebay by listing Pot Holder Sets. I'm not kidding. My very first listing was 5 sets of Potholders with various appliqued vegetables. With my scorn for anything domestic, I was fairly certain they would NOT sell.

At first I was aghast when they all sold. Later, I realized it was an easy way to make a living and therefore delegated the sewing machine  a tool only, no more useful than a typewriter, nothing to do with domesticity. Aprons either, for that matter.

I sold a few aprons in those early days and never lost my love for aprons though eventually I switched from sewing Potholders to Pillow Shams

The more unique, frilly, special or peculiar the apron is--the better I like it. If the bib happens to cover the front of your dress/shirt/muu muu and prevents the occasional splat of grease--all the better but not required.

These ladies have perfected the art of Aprons!
Thinking about a holiday gift for sister, mom, or best friend...
Check out these Aprons!

Annie says, "I have a passion, that passion is to be creative every day and create lovely items for you!"

Do you have a favorite cupcake, game, flower, or anything else...at Fried Green Aprons you can get a "namesake apron," for just about anything. She has the largest variety aprons I've seen. Some people are just hard to shop for, but Fried Green Aprons has you covered!

Of course, she does save a little time growing them on trees...

Aprons: Women's Retro Vintage Styles with a Modern Twist

Hope you enjoy my Reviews of stunning Aprons!

Do you have a seller or product to recommend? Just let me know!
They may be my next Suggestion...
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