I love crocheted items, especially when someone else makes them

I love to crochet. There is nothing like weaving a pretty granny-square afghan, the yarn warming your lap and legs during chilly winter months.

My biggest problem is that I've barely chained off 5 squares and began looping them together than I'm thinking of something else I need to be doing.

I have so many crocheted projects in mid-creation, I'm embarrassed. It's often easier to buy that crocheted fancy than to wait for me to finish it.

This seller is from China and has the cutest variety of crocheted items that I've seen in a long time. If you're searching for children gifts, this is the place to look!

This sweet little Octopus is White Nylon Yarn. The legs are cute chain link circles.

A toddler would love this soft toy.

Mom will love these sweet crocheted booties. She offers them in many colors and styles, for the girl or boy.

But all Betty's handi-work is not for children.

She also makes the daintiest of  totes and purses for cosmetics, eyeglasses, etc.

Shop  Betty Yuwen at Etsy


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