This Month's Sweetest Handmade Item! September

Cute Creation for the month of September

Besides being cute, the item this month is unique. I haven't seen anything like this, but it's just darling. 

Colored Pencil Jewelry by Gabrielle

Gabrielle is a designer and mother of six "Our new addition was born last May," she says. "We are spending a year abroad in France." Gabrielle adds about her blog: "I post where design and motherhood intersect."

Gabrielle's blog can be found at:

I don't know how she finds the time with her large family, but Gabrielle has some fantastic creations on her blog. I hope you check them out! And give her a "Like" at her facebook page too:

 Pencil jewelry is sweet, unique and looks like so much fun. When my daughters were teenagers, they would have loved spending an entire day making these! 

Me too :) 


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