Sweet Sewing Pattern for a Swingy Skirt: A-Line or Double Tiered

McCall's 8099
I love skirts. I think I'm reminded of the good old days (1960) of bouffant skirts and miles of stiff, crinolines. 

Do you remember starching those things every night?

I do remember if you wanted to be part of  the "in crowd," you better have a 50-100 yard crinoline. 25 yards just wasn't enough!

This sweet sewing pattern McCalls 8099, is so versatile. You can make an A-line or Double Tiered. 

Suggested fabrics are: Cotton, Rayon, Polyester, Satin fabrics would be great and fall nicely. I do like the Double Tiered best but then, I'm also the one who wore 100 yard crinolines back in the "good ole days."
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