A stunning collection from Ralph Lauren

It might have something to do with the fact that I live in the Desert Southwest, but I love this collection from Ralph Lauren.


This is my first time to have this fabric and I was so happy to make and list these shams on Ebay.

Since I purchase fabric in-bulk, I don't get to choose which patterns I'd like to have. But I was truly excited to get "HIGH DESERT."

This set is a square sham measuring 16x16 and a Boudoir sham measuring 12x16.

Okay, I will not neglect any of the shabby and chic gals out there. These boudoir shams are awash with Perfect Pink Cabbage Roses on a soft White background. The back of each boudoir sham is soft pink sateen.

"I'll tell you a little secret later...shhhhh"--  I didn't say anything!

    Boudoir Shams 12x16
    Ralph Lauren's Shelter Island Collection

    Shelter Island ?

    If you look at this Pattern really, really close, you'll see that it's actually Ralph Lauren's all-time favorite Collection (Retired many years ago) ALLISON FLORAL

    The pattern for Shelter Island is exactly the same as Allison Floral, but the colors are brand new.  
    Then again, Shelter Island use to be Shelter Island Blue, a stunning blue fabric 10 years ago, now remade into this gorgeous, chic and shabby pattern collection.

    Shhhhhh.....I never said a word!

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