Coffee Filters and Spider Webs? Oh my--

A cute idea from a Crafty Blogger! Mega-Crafty

Mega-Crafty says, "This is an easy technique similar to making a paper 
 doll, and I love the results. The slightly translucent coffee filter makes the perfect cobweb." More instructions can be found at her website along with several other unique designs.

Did you know: It's a great idea to keep a package of coffee filters in the glove compartment of your car too, especially if you have little ones under 5. 

Well, actually, there are a few adults I can think of that need this hint as me!

When you stop for Butter Pecan in your favorite sugar cone, place a coffee filter around the bottom. Then--if the bottom leaks, the coffee filter catches the drips instead of your best pant suit.

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