Another Sweet Thing I found at Etsy Today

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I tell you, since I started listing at Etsy my listing time has lengthened exponentially!
Not because it's difficult to use the software at Etsy. It's not. It's very simple to list and relist on Etsy, and I'm loving it there.

Actually, I registered at Etsy in 2009. You know how that goes. A meanie on Ebay sent me scuttling for smoother water. Of course, my tantrum passed and I went back to Ebay and forgot all about my Etsy registation.

Oh....except for those couple sells I made during those few short weeks. Sheez! Sometimes it takes a "brick on my head!"

Did I say SELLS? Yep! 3-4 sells shortly after listing my items back in 2009.

Of course, when you've sold on Ebay for an entire decade, sometimes you forget there's more than one mall in town.

So back to Ebay I went and forgot about Etsy until the slow season this year when I decided to list a few things at Etsy. No sense having a nice little store sitting there empty. hint hint ---> Sew Pretty!

Now--back to the beginning. It's taking me forever to get my stuff listed. I'm being totally side-tracked by all the neat things listed on Etsy. I'm spending more time window-shopping than I am listing my own merchandise. But I can't help myself.  My goodness, there are some talented ladies at Etsy.

Today's find is the sweet little mending kit pictured above. From  Extra Toppings...when plain sewing just isn't enough. She makes these mending kits in a variety of flavors. They are all darling!

If you're searching for that perfect gift for your favorite "artsy-craftsy gal," visit Extra Toppings at Etsy.

If you're a seller--Be careful! It's hard to list at Etsy!


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If you know a seller that needs a recommendation--just let me know. I might visit her store next time :)
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