It's that time again! The sweetest handmade item find! August

Cute Creation for the Month of August

I can't seem to leave Etsy! Our last two monthly "finds" for the cutest handmade item have come directly from Etsy. August is no exception!

This month's Cutest Handmade Find is the "Bubnut" from Etsy. The "Bubnut" comes from: -- Original Crochet Patterns -- by Britta Graham. Britta has developed a unique pattern that will be loved by many mom's out there!

Britta says: "I'm a mother of two beautiful boys who loves being creative."

And her creativity shows in this production. I can only wish I had had this pattern when my grandson was little.
From the time my own grandson was a baby, he loved Monster Trucks and Cartoons. If he had his personal tote of VCR tapes, (this was 19 years ago) his bean bag chair and a sippy cup of juice, he was happy. The first (and only) temper tantrum he ever threw was when that bean bag chair got a leak and spewed white styrofoam beads all over the living room. You would have thought I'd punctured it on purpose the way he howled.

I remembered that day when I saw Britta's listing for the Bubnut and I had to laugh out loud. It is the cutest bean bag ever! The perfect bean bag for the baby without actually being a beanbag.

With the raised edge, the baby can roll around yet still be confined to the soft inner padding. My grandson would have loved this. Even as a small baby he wanted his bean-bag chair when it was time for a bottle, no baby-bed for him. The bean bag chairs back then swaddled him tightly and left no room to move around.

The Bubnut is perfect. They can play and turn and scoot, but in a safe way! Be sure to check out all of Britta's items, but search for the BUBNUT PDF PATTERN AND INSTRUCTION! If you want to make your very own Bubnut!
  1. Ace Bayou ABC Life Style Furniture Large Bean Bag, Matte Black
  2. Sportcraft Sport Bean Bags
  3. Crafty Cuts 2-Yards Cotton Fabric, Circles In Dots
  4. AccuQuilt GO! Baby Fabric Cutter
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