Pattern listings and explanation for exclusions

You may notice a link or listing for a pattern that is no longer available on Ebay!

<-- In the left column are a list of my Pages, including eCrater listings and Ebay Listings.

As you learned from yesterday's post, I'm in the process of moving all my sewing pattern listings from Ebay to eCrater.

Since I have more than 1500+ sewing patterns on Ebay, I'm leaving the link to those listings for the time being. But the pattern you're searching for may no longer be available on Ebay as the number of sewing patterns on ebay dwindles. But don't forget to check my sewing patterns on eCrater! as those numbers will be growing!

Thanks for your patience as we work through this move! All custom shams and custom decorated hand towels will be unaffected by this move.
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