No Justice for Caylee Anthony - 7/6/2011

I've watched Court TV and current trials for many years. But I must say, I've never been so disturbed by any other trial or verdict as this one.

I watched as Juror #3, on her television rounds this evening, stated they weren't given a "cause of death," so they couldn't agree that a murder had happened at all. Really-- you have to KNOW the cause of death to say there was a murder? Not according to the Coroner. Being thrown into a swamp with duct tape around her face shouted "murder" to her.

It seems like only yesterday we were waiting for justice for Laci Petersen. In that case, too, there was no cause of death. She was in the ocean, in pieces, her baby alongside her,  decomposed beyond recognition.  No cause of death, but murdered none-the-less.

Thank goodness that jury understood that when someone is left for dead, without  concern by husband...or mother-- whether tossed into the ocean or an overgrown swamp in Florida--that's murder.

Just my thoughts--
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