I'm making some changes and I'm excited about it

When I woke up this morning, I was sad and crying and trying to decide what to do... Not a good feeling at all.

I had an email from Ebay-- "notification that I was under a listing suspension for 3-days." Apparently, the fact that I have 1800+ listings and managed to duplicate one of them has me in the "dog house," Big Time! 

Lately, when an item ends, whether sold or unsold, occasionally it remains on the site for up to 24 hours. I've tried ending them myself, again, just to get them to go away but it doesn't work. So my choice was to ignore the ended item and list another. Wrong choice!

Ebay's robot does not recognize that this item has ended 24 hours ago, they only see that it's still there--floating in their Best Match field. Zap! now I have duplicates and the Ebay police march out and end my new listing! Bam! Gone!

Now, I have no listing for that item because the other one ended yesterday and Ebay deleted the second one. Yet, they send me an email that I have a duplicate listing and am suspended from listing for 3-days. The item they mention is no where to be found on my site.

So, besides being totally upset, I miss the 3 day, 25 cents, listing sale. 

I sell 2,500+ sewing patterns on Ebay and Ecrater combined. And I have finally talked myself into throwing all my eggs (sewing patterns) into one Ecrater basket. As my Ebay sewing patterns end, I'll be relisting them on Ecrater, adding to my already large inventory of sewing patterns listed on Ecrater.

It's simply too difficult to track that much inventory without ever making a mistake, or having a duplicate listing. 

Unfortunately--I'm not perfect and it may happen. So all my sewing patterns will be moving to Ecrater over the next few weeks.  I will still list my Custom Made Shams and Hand Towels in my Ebay Store. It's a smaller inventory and a little easier to manage without fear of duplicating a listing. 

And now, as I've thought about it and set forth plans for both stores, I'm rather excited about it! 

I can list my sewing patterns for less $$ because Ecrater has no listing fees. I won't be constantly searching for duplicate listings or listing and listing and re-listing. I think I'm gonna like these changes!

Have you had any issues with Ebay and the Duplicate Listing Penalty?
I'd love to hear how you solved this issue if it has happened to you.

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