A Sweet "Find" from A Crafty Seller - Emery Pin Cushion

Emery Pea-pod Pin Cushion

Recently, I was thinking about one of my sisters-in-law who passed away many years ago. I was much younger than her and didn't fully appreciate all the work that went into her custom crafted pincushions.

My favorite was the tomato/strawberry-red pincushion, and she made an extra-large one, probably 7" across. I decided on a quick search of Etsy in hopes of finding that special Pincushion.

Never count on Etsy for a quick search. There are too many cute and unique things on Etsy to exit quickly. Three hours later I'd found pincushions shaped like everything from coffee cups to baby diapers. But I also find the Spot Light Seller for this Week!

This Week's SPOT LIGHT Seller is:
Etsy Seller "Dottyral"

Not only does she have a variety of the sweetest pincushions, she also sells the emery powder that can be used to fill pincushions if you make your own.
Below is the description for the sweet little Peapod Pincushion pictured above:
This emery pincushion isn't just cute. It's practical too! Keeps your pins sharp and organized.

Are you familiar with the little strawberry that comes along with the famous tomato pincushion? Do you know the purpose of that strawberry? It's an emery pincushion. Its purpose is to keep your pins and needles sharp. It’s filled with a mineral called "emery". Emery resembles fine metal shavings. It’s used as an abrasive in industrial applications and on things like emery boards.

The three little peas in this pincushion are filled with emery. There’s a little muslin sack inside each one full of emery, nothing else.

My Emery Pincushions are always covered twice. This helps ensure that the emery doesn’t escape through the seams or pinholes made into the fabric.
So if you need a pincushion or just the emery sand to fill your own, I hope you visit Dottyral at Etsy! OUR SPOTLIGHT SELLER THIS WEEK


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