Had to share this sweet creation--

Sometimes I'll see a new crafter's project that is so darn cute I just want to tell someone. These may have been around for awhile but it was my first time to see them. Sweet little aprons trimmed to fit perfectly around a bottle of Dishwashing Liquid. Check them out--

HALLOWEEN Pumpkin, Cat On Purple Dish Soap Bottle Apron

 When I first started selling on Ebay, I made potholders and kitchen crafts, so this just caught my eye. Then, I visualized this sweet apron in red gingham, with tiny white ruffled lace around the border, and a sweet curved pocket of white dotted swiss... uh oh, I have plenty to sew right now...

I'm just saying...this seller is creating some really cute items. What do you think? Do you know a crafty seller with some sweet creations? Leave a comment or share your find!

This seller accepts PayPal
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